Advisory Board

WSMP is honored to recognize the following nationally and internationally established composers, musicians, and religious leaders who have offered the benefit of their wisdom and broad experience on behalf of our mission for women composers of sacred music:

Rt. Rev. Allen Bartlett, retired Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania

Marla Aviva Bentley – singer, educator and conductor; Director of Music at Temple Beth Israel, Skokie, IL; Conductor of HaZamir Chicago; Immediate Past President of the Guild of Temple Musicians

Andrea Clearfield – composer; Founder, Curator, Host of The Salon, Philadelphia. PA

Andrew del Rossi— Director of the Daylesford Abbey Spirituality Center, Paoli, PA

Valerie Lee-Jeter – Music Director, St. Vincent De Paul Church, Philadelphia, PA;
Board Member, National Association of Pastoral Musicians

Thomas Lloyd – Canon for Music and the Arts, Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral

David Ludwig – composer; Dean and Director of the Julliard School Music Division

Sarah MacDonald – conductor, composer, organist; Fellow and Director of Music,
Selwyn College, Cambridge, UK; Director of Girl Choruses, Ely Cathedral, UK

Bruce Neswick – organist, conductor, composer; Canon for Music, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, OR

Virginia Ratigan, Professor Emerita in Religious Studies, Rosemont College

Amanda Smoot – Founding member of WSMP, Duke University Chapel Advisory Board

Louise Stewart – Editor of Multitude of Voyces, C.I.C., UK; engaged in publication of anthems and hymns by women