Executive Director, Women’s Sacred Music Project

Applications are closed.

In anticipation of the retirement of founding President Lisa Neufeld Thomas, the board of the Women’s Sacred Music Project (founded in 1995 in Philadelphia) is soliciting proposals from experienced church musicians interested in assuming a leadership role in the organization by September of 2019. A short history of the organization may be found here.

The board seeks to engage qualified candidates with a passion for the work of women composers in submitting proposals of how they would carry forward the mission of WSMP in relation to their current professional interests and priorities. While the position up to now has been a volunteer role performed by the founder, there is seed money for a part-time salary and/or administrative assistance, as well as a designated fund for commissioning new hymns, anthems,  or liturgical music from women composers and writers. The Board is open to amending titles and job descriptions to allow concentration on the music and program, with the Executive Director position separate from the Board Chair.

Building on the foundation of the supplementary hymnal Voices Found (2003) and numerous commissions of hymns and anthems over the years, types of proposals might include

  • development of a curated website and/or social media platform to promote and link to the work of women composers;
  • further development of the annual commission program for established composers;
  • a competition for young composers;
  • creating a funding source for new women composers.

However, other ideas are also welcomed and encouraged. Rather than prescribing specifically how the mission is to be carried forward, the board is seeking entrepreneurial individuals who would bring their own personal stamp to building on an important legacy.

Applications are closed.

Download a pdf of this proposal.