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Most Current Issue: December 2021

Ted Latham | The Music That Makes Us

POWER of small Podcast – December 15, 2020

Jayson Boyers and Joe Darrah speak with Ted Latham, a professor of music theory at Temple University and the executive director of the Women’s Sacred Music Project, an organization that has many ties to Rosemont. Ted discusses his musical family tree and how it led to Rosemont, and how Rosemont has become a foundation for his family. We also learn about Ted, Jason, and Joe’s music interests and how music impacts them in various ways.

Listen here: https://www.rosemont.edu/about/publications/podcast/ted-latham.php

Thomas Lloyd | Signifying toward the promised land

A talk by Board Member, Thomas Lloyd, related to the history of the African-American Spiritual. A central figure in the talk is a young woman, Ella Sheppard. As a recently freed slave and member of the first class of students at Fisk University, she was instrumental in revealing to the world what would become our country’s greatest contribution to sacred music.

Presented at the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral October 25, 2020. For a full transcript with links to musical examples, go to https://www.thomaslloydmusic.com/sign…

Ted Latham & Virginia Ratigan | AbbeyCast

A conversation with our President, Dr. Virginia Ratigan and Executive Director, Dr. Ted Latham https://youtu.be/RT0uKyicWnM